STMLoop International is fully investing on the future of the Hyperloop technology. Our company is building and researching this technology everyday, as we promise efficient outcomes and results in the field of Hyperloop.

How It Works


  • Shell designed to be adapted to the chassis looking for the best aerodynamic performance minimizing the drag forces on the pod.

Interior design is also a priority for STMLoop as we’re customer focused, the absolute passenger comfort is a must in our designs.


  •  The main research lines in this field is divided are three fossil fuel free propulsion systems, to reach a solution in which the efficiency is as high as possible to reduce electric consumption. This is a main objective to us, as this would minimize the power generation for the transportation industry, which is a huge environmental concern.



  • A passive magnetic levitation system will also help in our energy reduction concern, as with the help of polarized magnetic fields the force needed to levitate can be generated with no electric consumption.



  • Braking is designed with redundant systems as it is directly related to passengers safety. We are developing both mechanical and electromagnetic braking systems, supported by an emergency braking technology in case of power outage.



  • The mission of this team in particular is to provide power to all the different components of the other subsystems that require so. This includes researching in the different sources that can be on or off pod and also all the wiring that will be needed to ensure the electrical connection.


  • All the tubes designs and constructions guarantee any type of evacuation in case of emergency and also to be earthquake and seaquake resistant. The Hyperloop stations will be designed in detail to ensure a good passenger flow, making it easier for the passengers to access the vehicles to create an on-demand system.



  •  A high speed telecommunication system to guarantee the information transmission instantaneously between the pod and the main control station to prevent damages in case the pod suffers any power failure and the autonomous control system gets disabled.


  • All level safety plan is developed and tested to ensure every passenger’s health in case of emergency. Both pod and tubes will be equipped with the best technology to minimize the impact on people in any emergency situation, whether it is intrinsic to the pod or a natural cause.

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