The VentiLoop is anticipated to have utility in helping free up existing supply or in life-or-death situations when there is no other option.”

At the time, it is estimated to cost less than 200$ , compared with thousands of dollars for standard hospital versions.

   VentiLoop is (The automation of the mechanical function performed on the Ambu Bag or BVM), so we use an electronic system to control the mechanical system and to have a feedback of other measurable devices.
   This device is completely mobile and has an internal battery which allows it to run for 3 hours for external uses such as. Ambulances, transportation of a patient from point A to point B, and if in the worst case an electrical problem in the hospital, the Ventiloop will still work.

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Press Releases

STMLoop has been able to make a remarkable prototype Of medical Ventilator that might be Able to save lifes during the CoronaVirus Pandemic , all thanks to our CEO Alae Moudni.

The project is mainly the manufacture of low-cost artificial breathing apparatus, the cheap price and the use of medical and electronic devices which are widely available on the Moroccan market. This device is designed by the company STMLoop and was possible thanks to the partners Société tangéroise de Maintenance and the AbdelMalek ASSADI university.